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tv   11 News Today  NBC  March 9, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> parents are so upset about the archdiocese closing schools. i will have details coming up. >> and something same-sex couples have been waiting for. >> michael vick brings controversy to baltimore county. find out what he is doing in town that is expected to draw protests. >> how much longer can we expect these warmer temperatures? the forecast as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> let's get a check on the forecast with tony pann. >> that was a beautiful shot outside. >> it should be another great day today. it is a little chilly right now.
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just like yesterday, we are starting off in the 30's. it will warm up very quickly once we get past sunrise. the temperatures will get close to 60 degrees this afternoon. the average height is 51. well above the normal. no problems on your way to work or school. we come back in a few minutes to discuss the possibility of rain. we will save that for later. thus check what is happening on the roads. >> not too much to talk about. that is good news for your morning commute. reisterstown at wooded way, some fire activity. watch out for that. there is still debris on the out of the approaching frederick road. watch out for that. there is a report of an axe of that -- accident in catonsville.
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here is a look outside in the beltway. the inner loop and out of a liver moving just fine. a beautiful shot as the sun starts to come up. that is the latest on traffic. back over to you. >> thank you. >> 13 catholic schools in meeting last night. they are told that many of their questions are still unanswered. more details. >> the meetings were held at the high school in baltimore and at mount st. joseph's. both meetings were closed to listen. parents had questions about the timing of the announcement of the closures. the wanted to know why certain schools were chosen. some accuse the archdiocese of closing schools predominantly attended by african-americans. in some schools were closed
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with students having learning disabilities. it comes down to who stands to lose the most in the situation. they say it is the children. june. we need answers so we can place our kids in september. plan out as of now not later. >> shame on them. it is so bad. shame on them for putting these children out. >> the archdiocese says it has enough room to accommodate all of the students. some students say they chose the school their child is going to for a reason. schools and are concerned aboutwbal-tv.>> baltimore county will continue to supply water to residents that still cannot have any after the ter main break
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on saturday. even with the help from the county, some people still remain frustrated. officials started handing out tens of thousands of gallons of water out on monday. some service has slowly been thousands of people still remain without water. it is not clear when it will be such as the woods. issues we are dealing with right back on at homes immediately is>> water will be handed out at reisterstown regional park. you have to bring your own containers. it will be filled with drinkable and on travel water. -- and a non-drinkable water. you can go to our web site to find out more information at
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>> the transition at city hall has come to an end. carl stokes was sworn into the city council. he fills the seat vacated by jack young that the senate to city council president when stephanie wald and splake took over as mayor after -- stephanie blake took over as mayor from sheila dixon. measures. sheila dixon scandal, now is your chance to own a part of it. we are talking about box that was seized from the raid on her home. auction off the evidence in the sheila dixon criminal trial. they also expect to auction fur >> the district is now the sixth allow same-sex marriage. >> today brings wedding jitters.
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>> i am excited, a little nervous. we have been together for 10 years. >> they live in maryland with their adopted children. as of last week, same-sex couples could apply for marriage licenses in d.c. after a mandatory waiting time frame and can legally tied the knot starting today. >> i thought we would be grandparents before we were allowed to get married. >> catholic charities has certain benefits to avoid coverage of same-sex couples. for some, same rights is the priority. >> if i were to go into the intensive care, now she would no longer be blocked from providing direction for my care. >> others have a different point. >> homes that are loving, stable, and secure.
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we are committed to each other and married to each other. >> they expect an economic boost from more marriages. >> small-business is are excited about receiving business from same-sex couples. >> it has a new line of wedding rings. there is a federal law limiting full benefits to heterosexual couples. no wedding gift from uncle sam. wbal-tv. >> funerals across the country as part of the protest homosexuality in the military. some are trying to determine if the protests should be allowed. the church claims that the death of soldiers is god's punishment
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for accepting gays in the military. >> no matter what happens, i can say to myself, i took this to the limits. >> the court will weigh the churches right to demonstrate against the family's right to grieve in private. >> michael vick has returned tonow he is being honored as anhe was nominated by his philadelphia eagles teammates to receive a courage award. many will be at the awards ceremony later today to protest him receiving the award. operating an illegal dogfightingthat brings us to our vick being honored with an ed block courage award? email us your response to
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>> coming up, the financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> a massive outpouring of emotion after a yearlong search for a missing girl finally comes to an end. >> are you ready to bring the 3 d theater experience to your living room? many manufacturers are slashing their prices hoping you will be soon. >> it is time for the harvest for the hungry food drive where all you have to do is we can't could buy your post or mailbox today. >> we have new incidents. >> we have new incidents. one is a car into a building we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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>> it is going to be a gorgeous tuesday for as. gorgeous weather conditions. we will see plenty of sunshine. we are at the maryland food bank talking about the annual food drive. you can leave any nonperishable good outside of your mail box for your postal carrier. it is going on. you can do that through saturday. i am here with paula. you are seeing an interesting trend. >> people have a general thought of who is hungry. now it is middle-class families as well. as people have lost their jobs,
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they are using their unemployment to stay in their homes. the first thing that goes is the quality and quantity of food. middle-class children are hungry as well as the traditional people that are always hungry. >> they tried to get healthy items. >> exactly. the kinds of things that children will eat. >> very good. let's check the hd doppler. there is precipitation in the midwest. it will come to our neck of the woods by the end of the week. it will be gorgeous of their. it was so nice yesterday. >> everybody has a great attitude. temperatures are in the 50's. thanks. we will continue this for
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another 24 hours. after that, the storm will catch up to us and bring range of the picture. no clubs on the satellite this morning. -- clouds on the satellite this morning. 28 in frederick. this afternoon you probably will not need a jacket. the high temperatures expected in the upper 50's. the average temperature is 51 degrees. temperatures will drop back to around 40 degrees. some cloud cover wednesday morning. it 30% chance of showers on wednesday. on thursday, more weighing --
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rain. 57 degrees on wednesday. a better chance for rain thursday, friday, saturday, and even sunday. 53 degrees on thursday. by the time needed to the weekend, upper 40's. daylight savings time this weekend. set your clocks ahead one hour. let's take a look at the seven- day forecast. -- on the roads. >> a car went into a building at howard street. not sure how serious it is.
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it is causing a traffic tieups. there could be a road closure because of a dedication ceremony this morning. detour signs will be posted. an accident in catonsville at frederick road. the north side of the beltway, things are heavier there. no delays to report. that is the latest. over to you. >> things. thousands of people turned up in california to honor the memory of a girl more than a year after she disappeared. they found her remains well looking for the body of chesley
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king. the driver of a prius to stopit had a stuck accelerator the car and tried to act as a break for the car. it was going at 94 miles per hour. neither driver was injured. tobia to said it had -- toyota report. some missionaries held for kidnapping charges in haiti, one of which is back in the united states. she was freed more than a month after she and nine other americans were arrested for trying to take 33 kids out of haiti after the massive earthquake there. the leader is the only one that remains behind bars.
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there is no word if or when she could be released. >> ebay is branching out again, this time going green. and they are making the case that buying something used is as environmentally correct as conservation and recycling. the isome are skeptical of their motives. the company is recovering from several unprofitable quarters. forget flat screen tvs, thebest buy in kennesaw -- and panasonic are partnering to sell some with price cuts up to 50%. 3-d television. they are trying to reverse the operation. they will retail for about $2,500. airlines had a hefty price tag from the snow last month.
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that story and more in the bloomberg business report. >> it record february snowfall on the east coast especially in the baltimore area cost airlines and least $100 million. u.s. airways is among the hardest hit carriers. united airlines says the storm reduced its revenues by $40 million. it was a mixed close for the start of the trading week. a i g announced the fail of one of its major insurance units. its lead your maryland index lower. -- it lead our maryland index lower.
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americans may longer be scared to pick it there for a one k retirement statements. workers are more confident about having enough savings for retirement. some are still worried about money costs which are increasing. reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> arthroscopic techniques have been used for a long time to treat knees and shoulders. now the hit may be next. -- hip-ho may be next. >> the major think we look for is this m.r.i. and if there is a cartilage tear, a bond that
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needs to be shaved off to relieve the patient pain. we can do that arthroscopic late. >> that is good news if you live with hip pain. they can return to normal activity within a matter of months. >> another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. >> we would hear from the team's new star receiver. >> do not forget to e-mail us your answer to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of michael vick being honored with an ed block courage award? email us your response to >> here are the maryland lottery numbers from last night.
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>> here is latest on traffic. a road reporter is on the way to a scene where a car went into a building at howard street. we will let you know any updates as we get them. dealing with it will closure oa for a dedication ceremony. a detour will be posted. and an accident in kate olsen --
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catonsville. no official delays on the west side. things are moving just fine at the toll plaza. over to you. >> it is quiet in the whether the permit. 28 degrees in frederick. expect lots of sunshine today. a high temperature of around 60 degrees. to the news desk. >> michael mccrary has been ordered to stay away from his wife after allegedly threatening her and pulling of a gun during an argument.
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they are going through a divorce. they share custody of their daughter. he cannot have any contact with his wife. and he is not allowed into his home according to the restraining order. >>they have a talented young defense. he had a contract signing yesterday. of famer, kurt warner. flacco. >> of 1 to go to a place where i had a chance to win a championship. they also play great defense and have a young quarterback. >> they wanted him in a draft, but they lost the opportunity to get him.
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>> he knows how to dress. >> there is much more to come in our next half hour of 11 news today. >> the archdiocese of baltimore spend monday night talking to parents about upcoming school closures. details are next. >> are anti-gay protesters expressing their first amendment rights or disturbing the peace at the funerals of fallen soldiers. the latest coming up. >> and why you should bring >> and why you should bring something else to the mailbox coldwell? yes, banker? i took the liberty of beefing up security now that we have the j.d. power & associates award
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. her meteorologist tony pann has a quick look at the forecast. critics temperatures close to 60 degrees and lots of sunshine. we will have rain by the end of the week.
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take a look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. over to the news desk. >> thanks. this morning. despite promises to relocate students that will be displaced to to school closures, parents are still furious. >> they tell us that their jennifer franciotti is live with>> good morning. the archdiocese had a couple of meetings last night. cameras were not allowed inside, but reporters were to listen. afterwards, parents give us an earful. >> there was a lot of frustration and unanswered questions. the loss of interest that were -- a lot of answers that word given that for reiterated over answers. >> many parents left the meeting last night where the archdiocese tried to adjust. concerns over the announcement
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that it will be closing 13 schools. parents ask questions about the timing of the announcement, about why certain schools were disabilities. >> they are here in costa left behind in the public-school system. -- they are here in catholic schools because they are getting system. us know weeks before they need where they will be going. >> 54% of the students affected are african-american. notice. they call it consolidation, which is not consolidation. they are closing schools in mostly predominately black areas. >> we know that more details on the pride program will be released in the coming weeks.
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according to the archdiocese, accommodate other students. parents say if they wanted their children to go to those schools, they would have chosen those schools in the first place. others worry about cost. >> baltimore city councilman make an effort to keep kids in place. he introduced a resolution at the council meeting last night. he fears families will leave the city over school issues and those buildings will remain vacant. appear before the education committee. >> their actions have been deemed offensive and cruel.
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now it is up to the supreme court to decide if they are protected by free speech. armed with signs that says country to protest the funerals they were there the day services were held for this person's sun. his child was killed in iraq. >> we have to have some respect for the families whose children have given their lives. >> many have been picketed nationwide by this church in kansas. the group claims the deaths of u.s. soldiers is god's punishment for homosexuality. >> all of these people need to recant or they will perish. >> their rhetoric has outraged
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families from coast to coast. >> it is a message of hate. >> they sued protesters. an appeals court tossed out the verdict saying they were protected by the first amendment. the supreme court has now agreed to hear their appeal in the fall. >> they are literally telling everybody that you do not have a right to bury anybody in peace. that is if it is not overturned. in october. wbal-tv. back to you. >> what impact could the court's ruling in this case have on the nation? >> it could effect certain cases such as the respect for america's fallen heroes act 2006 which prohibits protesting from a certain distance. 300 feet within federal subset -- federal cemeteries.
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and some loss ban protesting at funerals. they could be affected depending on which way the case goes. >> thanks. >> -- investigation on the medical insurance company is willing to>> serious concerns about the financial future of medicare. this investigation has to do with medical equipment and the prices that the average consumer seemed very inflated. when he was prescribed a brace, he stumbled upon a curious problem. it was billed for $220, more than six times the lowest retail cost. >> i got the statement. i cannot believe it. i thought it was outrageous. >> the same grade was selling --
6:36 am
brace was selling for a fraction of the cost online. >> how these prices can be so out of whack. the story is tonight at 11. >> have the latest on traffic. a situation done time in baltimore city. a car went into a building. it was at fayette and how would street. watch out for that. an accident of bel air road. we will give you live drive times. 15 minutes of the loop -- the outer loop. seeing some delays on the west side. nothing to major, but a bit of a
6:37 am
slowdown to watch out for. 83 is checking out well. let's check with sandra who is live at the food bank. she has an easy and freeway -- free way to help the less unfortunate. >> the annual hunker drive is going on for saturday -- huntegr drive is going on for saturday. how is it going? >> it is going a little slower. hopefully your viewers once they see this will help. people do not realize there are so many hungry people in maryland. we have seen a 30% to 50% increase in demand. >> it is out of sight out of
6:38 am
mind. there are people really suffering. >> you see the generosity to haiti. the postal service is making it easy. we have to make sure they are putting up their nonperishable items out. >> that is right. it is going to be gorgeous outside. it will stay nice for tomorrow with a slight chance of a shower. better chance for rain as we head into the rest of the week. in the meantime, enjoy the weather today. >> thanks. 38 degrees on tv hill. we will take you to a beauty contest where it is hard to find a winner for miss congeniality. we will explain why. >> we are also taking your
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answer to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think of michael vick being honored with an ed block courage award? email us your response to
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>> you are never too old to learn something new. that is what this person is doing jumping out of a plane at the age of 81. it was just outside of one s s -- one as heiress -- argentina.
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>> if you thought the world of beauty pageants was cut road, you have not seen anything yet. we are taking a backstage to a contest in mexico. it is at the local prison. it is a beauty pageant for female inmates. it was to raise the self-esteem of prisoners. the contest awarded prizes for most photogenic, friendly, and elegant. a local clothing store supplied the fashions. they do not get any time off their sentence for winning. >> they are having fun. >> coming up, a look at the morning's headlines. >> the weather department is pretty quiet on this tuesday morning. some rain in the seven-day forecast to tell you about in a few minutes. a great sun rise in progress right now. stay
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>> will come back to 11 news today. any after the water main break on saturday. even with the help from the county, some people still remain frustrated. tens of thousands of gallons of water out on monday. some service has slowly been without water. some live in a remote locationcrews will have to build a road in order to fix it. they will provide water from noon until 9:00 p.m. today at the reisterstown regional park. bring your own container.
6:46 am
several items seized from the sheila dixon home will be auctioned on the ebay. a camcorder, coats. the proceeds will go to a city charity. >> michael vick has returned to he spent time in prison for operating an illegal dogfightingthat brings us to our watercooler question of the day. >> block courage award? >> i think giving him an award is ridiculous. he is not deserving of the courage award. he brought everything that happened to him on himself. >> another person says he has paid his debt to society. he should be able to get his
6:47 am
life back on track. >> another person says i have a right to sit in judent. the majority of people do not torture and kill animals for sport. hammer receiving the award diminishes the purpose of the award. -- him receiving the award diminishes the purpose of the award. >> another person writes, i hate dogfighting. michael vick did the time for his crime and said he was sorry. he should be able to live his life without being condemned for ever. we will close all of your answers on the front page of our web sitesemail us your response to -- website at >> new information about the car into a building in downtown baltimore. the car went into the bank of america building through the front door. the clinic may take a while. avoid that.
6:48 am
if you can. -- the cleanup may take a while. avoid that. if you can. the outer loop around a 795 is about 70 minutes. 95 southbound between the beltway -- the slowdown goes from 795 to 40. we are checking out of a north and southbound there. now we head back to sandra live at the food bank. >> it is going to be a beautiful day. on your trip to the mailbox, itthe want to drop of some cannd goods for the food bank along with your mail.
6:49 am
>> girl scouts are coming out to help. >> we have seen the face of hundred change. -- hunger change. >> no child should ever be hungry. not in this country. it is just wrong. >> food for the children is often not healthy. >> we of looking for peanut butter, canned tuna fish, a can of salmon, canned vegetables and fruit. >> step up to the plate. now as the time through saturday. it is beautiful on hd doppler. we will see plenty of sunshine today. in nice day tomorrow as well. we are monitoring an upper level low that will make its way through to the mid-atlantic bringing some showers. a transitional month.
6:50 am
it is been a great week so far. >> great information there. it got to people only think of the maryland food bank during the holidays. otherwise, it will be enough and ending today. the skies are clear right now. 47 degrees downtown to 28 in frederick. a range of temperatures. a little chelation some areas to start the day. this sunshine should work on that pretty quickly. the temperatures will in the low 60's. be in the low 60's. partly cloudy skies tonight. low temperatures around 40 degrees. take a look at the futurecast. things will change as we head into the rest of the week. cloud are picking up during the
6:51 am
day. a slight chance for rain shower in the forecast tomorrow afternoon. much of the activity will come in thursday and friday. we will see what the computer things closer to that time. showers thursday friday and into saturday. temperatures will fall of as well. outstanding sunshine. a 30% chance of showers tomorrow. the chance for rain goes up after that. a chance for rain going through sunday and a drop of temperatures in the upper 40's for a high.
6:52 am
daylight savings time begins this weekend. such clots ahead one hour before you go to bed -- set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed saturday night. >> the archdiocese of baltimore held a couple of meetings last night. cameras were not allowed inside. reporters were. parents asked questions about the time of the announcement of school closures, the reasons why some schools were chosen. some accuse the archdiocese was in schools predominately attended by african-americans. and the pride program is also being affected. that is a program dealing with children with learning disabilities. many parents would like to see the archdiocese make a different decision when it comes to closing these schools.
6:53 am
the archdiocese said 13 schools will close. wbal tv. >> here is a look at what is coming up next on the today show. >> we will hear from the terrified motorists that was stuck in his toyota on monday when an accelerated out of control on a busy highway in california. and an interview with the closest adviser of former president george bush. a defector from the church of scientology speaks out about the mysterious and workings of the controversial group. skydiving taken to a whole new level. that is when we get started this tuesday on today. >> i have never heard of that.
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>> just ahead, another look at >> just ahead, another look at weather and traffic coldwell? yes, banker? i took the liberty of beefing up security now that we have the j.d. power & associates award in the office. is that really necessary? well, our agents work really hard. of course. but the locked door is probably sufficient.
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too much? coldwell banker, ranked highest in customer satisfaction. we never stop moving.
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>> a very good tuesday morning to you. downtown 47 degrees. a glorious sun rise out there. we will see plenty of sunshine today. we are at the maryland food bank talking about their harvest for the hungry food drive. you can bring canned goods out
6:57 am
to your mailbox when you take your mail all. it will help the hungry in our area. >> another 9 station town. >> outstanding. some rain will move in after today. a slight chance for a shower tomorrow. a good chance of rain for the rest of the week heading into the weekend. >> a car went into the bank of america building downtown at fayette and howard street. an accident at bel air road. we are seeing westside delays. here is a live look at liberty road. chadic is creeping along there. things are moving slowly. -- traffic is creeping along their as things move slowly. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> when you get into your cars, make sure you tune in to am 1090
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